Taylor Products

The James L. Taylor Manufacturing Company provides new ideas for edge gluing and lumber optimization technology in a wide range of applications and markets.

Edge Gluing & Laminating

The Clamp Carrier line is designed to meet all needs for sizes and volumes. The Swing Style includes packages of machines to meet the needs of many end users in the small to medium range. The Classic Line includes all sizes and allows the customer to build a machine to their specifications. The Automated, Side Loading, and Dual Automated lines all offer high production.

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High Production Rotary Door Clamping

High Production Rotary Door Clamping machines for high production of cabinet and interior.

  • (5) & (8) Section Machines Available for both Stile & Rail Clamping and Miter Clamping
  • Heavy Duty Diaphragm Cylinders Provide up to 1500 lbs. of Clamping Force
  • 3 Squaring Sizes Available
  • Features JLT’s Innovative 110V Gear Motor with Variable AC Drive Control System
  • Control Box with Single Button Activation for Rotation with an Auto Index Stop feature

Cabinet Door Industries Most Successful High Production Clamping Machines

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Glue Application

We have three models to choose from: The Plate Spreader, simple and durable; The Roller Spreader, a simple roller spreader with precise glue spread; and the Conveyorized Glue Applicator, high production, high quality spreader.

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Return Conveyors

Return Conveyors are a no-brainer.  At less than the annual cost of an operator to tail the machine, a return conveyor will pay for itself in less than a year. Taylor Machines are designed to be paired with edgebanders, wide belt sanders, straight line rip saws, and Shaper Sanders. Automate your factory now and these processes more efficient!

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Glue Mixing

James L. Taylor manufactures machines for mixing catalyzed PVA resins.

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