Rip Systems

Cameron Automation offers a wide array of Rip Systems for your Rough Mill. Advantages of a Cameron Machine:
  • Increase in Yield due to Auto-Skewing Bent and Crooked Boards
  • Multiple Moving Blade Saw Models
  • Cutting Edge and Powerful Software
  • The Right Sized System to fit your Mill
  • Industry Leading Service and Support
  • Best Value in the Industry
Contact the Regional Sales Manager for your area to learn how a Cameron Rip System will improve your work flow and bottom line.

Skew Rip System
Model: #411A & #413A

The Skew is a highly efficient, inexpensive, full featured, rip optimization system designed to fit any 12″ wide gang rip saw and specifically developed for the custom shop. The unique feature of The Skew is the “skewing fence”.  It has the ability to twist and feed the board into the saw to get the best […]

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Quick Rip System
Model: #415A & #413A / #413B / #413C

The Quick Rip System offers the highest yield in the market due to its fenceless design, powerful “Opti-Rip” optimizing software, and multiple moving blade technology in a few different model saws. Non straight boards are handled just as effectively as straight boards and the net result is lower raw material costs. Cameron Quick Rip Infeed […]

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The Automated Opti-Rip
Model: #415A - AOR

Cameron Automation’s Largest Infeed for the High Production Lumber Mills and Large Woodworking Factories. Adaptable to many Material Handling Systems (1) Operator Runs Whole Process from Bundle Dumper through to Rip Saw Same Industry Leading Features of the Cameron Quick Rip for High Yield and Accuracy Compatible with all 24″ & 40″ Fixed saws, and […]

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Rip One System
Model: #412A & #413A / #413B

The Cameron Automation Rip-One is a complete lumber scanning, optimization, and gang ripping work cell designed for smaller shops. The Rip-One uses high resolution scanning technology to view both sides of a board to capture board dimensions and defects. The high resolution images are used to optimize each and every board going through the system. […]

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Cameron Rip Saws
Model: #413A / #413B / #413C

As Movable Blade Rip Saws have become the industry standard, Cameron Automation has continued to push the envelope with (3) Rip Saw Models that it partners with its Industry leading Cameron Infeeds: Cameron Saw Models: #413A – 12″ Wide (2) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade Saw #413B – 18″ Wide (3) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed […]

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