JLT Glue Application

Machines for Applying Glue Apply Glue To:
  • Stile and Rail Joints
  • Edges of Panel Stock
  • The Face for thicker Glue Ups
Stile Spreaders, Different Sized Plate Spreaders, and Roller Spreaders Available!!

Roller Spreader
Model: #171B-

Precise and adjustable glue spread: The Taylor Roller Spreader is equipped with a fully adjustable live doctor roll. The doctor roll spins in the opposite direction (from the glue roll) which provides a controllable, even spread.

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Stile Spreader Guile Applicator – #160B

Door Stile Spreader: **The Door Stile spreader compliments the JLT Door Clamp for providing a quick simple method of applying glue to cabinet door stiles

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#138B Plate Spreader

The Plate Spreader is ideal for use with small to medium (6 section to 20 section) sized Clamp Carriers. It is a simple, rugged design, yet it mechanizes the glue application operation. Multiple Sizes Available: 8″ x 48″ 8″ x 72″ 8″ x 96″

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Redi-Spreader Glue Applicator – #150B

6″ x 27″ Capacity Glue Applicator The redi Spreader Glue Applicator is a simple easy to use accessory to the JLT Panel Clamp. 100% steel construction. Foot pedal operation. 6″ x 27″ Grid capacity. Eliminates excess squeeze out of glue. Designed to distribute an even amount of glue to every wood component.

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#312A 6″ Roller Spreader

JLT Clamp’s 6″ Wide Table Top Electric Driven Roller Spreader. Has a precise and adjustable glue spread, like the larger versions we manufacture, using the live doctor roll, which turns in the opposite direction of the felt glue roll to give an even and precise glue spread.

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