Glue Application

We have three models to choose from: The Plate Spreader, simple and durable; The Roller Spreader, a simple roller spreader with precise glue spread; and the Conveyorized Glue Applicator, high production, high quality spreader.

Plate Spreader
Model: #138B-

The Plate Spreader is ideal for use with small to medium (6 section to 20 section) sized Clamp Carriers. It is a simple, rugged design, yet it mechanizes the glue application operation. Multiple Sizes Available: 8″ x 48″ 8″ x 72″ 8″ x 96″

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Roller Spreader
Model: #171B-

Precise and adjustable glue spread: The Taylor Roller Spreader is equipped with a fully adjustable live doctor roll. The doctor roll spins in the opposite direction (from the glue roll) which provides a controllable, even spread.

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Conveyorized Applicator
Model: #30J-

The Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator is an automated glue application and stock handling system. The system applies adhesive to the wood stock before clamping.

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Laser Opti-Sizer
Model: #33N-

The Taylor Laser Opti-Sizer is a computerized panel selection machine which is attached to a Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator system. Computer Tallies Panels, Boards, & Board Feet Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Consistently Sizes Panels to Within 1/8″ Automatically Feeds Sized Panels onto the Glue Applicator Automate your Panel Layup Process with The Opti-Sizer and save […]

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Taylor Glue Pump
Model: #128K

The Taylor PVA Glue Pump transfers glue directly from a 55 gallon drum on the floor to the Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator or the Taylor Plate Spreader. It can be used with all polyvinyl and aliphatic adhesives.

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Laser Opti-Sizer Upgrade

The Taylor Opti-Sizer was introduced at the 1988 IWF Show in Atlanta. Though the original won a Challengers Award that year, new technology in ultrasonics and computers lead us to a major redesign in 1994. Many customers purchased and installed the upgrade.

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