Miter Squaring

JLT Clamps builds machines for efficiently clamping and squaring mitered cabinet doors and frames. JLT Miter Door Clamps Feature:
  • An Innovative Pneumatic Dial Regulator Air System for Precise Squaring of Miter Joints
  • 100% Steel Construction
  • Multiple Size Designs for Every Size Miter Door
  • Single Door Clamping Units and High Production Rotary Machines Available

Narrow Stile Miter Door Clamp
Model: #717A-M

*New* 26″ x 62″ Capacity Single Station Miter Door Clamp for Miter Doors and Drawer Fronts. Clamp and Square 100+ Miter Doors Per Day   New Features: Intuitive Pin System allows even Quicker and Easier setup than ever before. Cylinders Located in the back of the machine to Provide Operator with Additional Working Space. Redesigned […]

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Large Capacity Miter Door Clamp
Model: #717A-8-M

36″ x 96″ Capacity Miter Door Clamp (2) Vertical and (2) Horizontal Clamps, Each with a Dial Regulator for Precise Miter Squaring Clamp and Square up to 100+ Larger Miter Cabinet Door per day   Features: Large Capacity Miter Door Clamp with 36″ x 97″ Maximum capacity. Includes (2) Vertical & (2) Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps […]

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8′ Miter Buddy System – #79R-8-M

Includes (2) of our Most Popular Clamping Systems for the Custom Cabinetmaker!! #717A-M Miter Door Clamp 8′ Wide Panel Clamp with (18) Taylor Clamps Produce up to 100+ Miter Cabinet Doors and up to 50 Panels per day

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12′ Miter Buddy System
Model: #718A-12-M

12′ Wide Combo Clamp: #79F-12-PC: 12′ Wide JLT Panel Clamp #79K-6-M: 6′ Miter Door Clamp Single Miter Door Clamp & 12′ Panel Clamp for medium size shop PRODUCE 100+ Miter Cabinet Doors and up to 72 Edge Glued Panels a day!!

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