Vision and Scanning Systems

Cameron Automation has over 20 years of optimizing experience. Using this, we have developed a scanning system that is easy to run, maintain, and rips the way YOU want it to!

Rip One System
Model: #412A & #413A / #413B

The Cameron Automation Rip-One is a complete lumber scanning, optimization, and gang ripping work cell designed for smaller shops. The Rip-One uses high resolution scanning technology to view both sides of a board to capture board dimensions and defects. The high resolution images are used to optimize each and every board going through the system. […]

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Model: #35A-

The Opti-Match is the only machine to completely automate the color matching process for high quality solid wood panels. The Opti-Match combines innovative scanning and sorting technology with complex computer programs to build and stack sized, color matched, and color blended panels, automatically. It completely eliminates the labor intensive and subjective job of manual color […]

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