#80Z / #80ZP – Automated Clamp Carrier

The Taylor Automated is the Industry’s Standard in Room Temperature Edge Gluing

Designed for the Shops Producing up to 900 – 1000 Panels a Day

High Production Wood Clamping system; The Taylor Automated is the Industry’s Standard in Room Temperature Edge Gluing. This versatile carrier can handle many of the long, wide, and thick laminations that are needed in the industry.


  • Produces up to 3500 ft2 / Shift
  • Standard Machine Features
    • Machine Frames Built to Match Product Dimensions
    • Taylor’s Patented Clamp Design in Lengths to Meet your Needs
    • PLC Controlled Automated Tightener / Flattener System
    • Heavy Duty Motor Drive(s) for Rotation of the Sections
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Models Available

As with all Taylor Clamp Carriers, smaller machines can be expanded as production requirements grow. Many customers will start with a (20) Section machine, and then expand that machine into a (40) Section or (60) section in the future, reusing approximately 90% or more of the existing components. Taylor’s goal is to grow with you through the years!!


(Additional Information and Specifications Below)


Production is based on cycle time and panel size. For a hydraulic automated machine (pneumatic machine is 25% slower) assuming that each section is curing 3 panels whose dimensions are 24″ x 24″ (60cm x 60cm) and assuming a cycle time of 90 seconds, production per shift equals:

One Panel:
=4 ft2 (.36M2)

One Section:
=12 ft2 (1.1M2)

One Cycle:
=90 seconds
=40 cycles/hour
=320 cycles/shift

Production output:
=12 ft2 x 320 cycles or 3840 ft2/shift
=1.1 M2 x 320 cycles or 352 M2/shift

Component Features

Automated Tightener / Flattener System

The Taylor Automated Front End is designed to double the operators production. Utilizing PLC software and sensors, the Tightener / Flattener will index across the series of clamps, and automatically engage, flatten, and tighten the clamps while the operator is organizing the next batch of material for the Glue Applicator. The software also has a “Sequencing Program” that allows you to set a distinct path for the Tightener setting an order of clamps to tighten that makes the most sense for your products. Adjustable tightening and flattening pressure make this machine the most versatile and efficient design in Taylors’ arsenal.


Motor Drive for Rotation of the Sections:

The motor drive rotates the Clamp Carrier from section to section. It is offered with a pneumatic or hydraulic (shown) motor. The Motor Drive worm gear reducer insures controlled indexing from section to section, even when rotating an unbalanced load. The Motor Drive is controlled by a Joystick, on the Front Rest of the machine, and can rotate forward or reverse. The Motor Drive speeds rotation of the machine with precise control and minimizes operator fatigue.


High End, American Made Hydraulic System

The Clamp Carrier hydraulic system incorporates a proportional valve controlled by the programmable controller. By using a series of sensors and inputs, the controller monitors and measures the traverse speed of the Clamp Tightener carriage, the rotational speed of the Clamp Tightener, and the speed of the Clamp Carrier rotation. These measurements are taken on every cycle during normal operation and speeds are automatically adjusted up or down without operator or maintenance intervention. This upgrade take a huge step towards a maintenance free machine



  1. The operator removes glued panels from one section of the Clamp Carrier and refills the section with stock taken from the outfeed of the Glue Applicator
  2. The operator adjusts the rear jaws of the clamps (if necessary), and presses the “Tighten” button on the control stand. The machine does all the rest
  3. The operator is free to prepare stock and feed the Glue Applicator
  4. All panels are flattened and clamps tightened automatically until the Tightener/Flattener carriage comes
    to a stop at the right end of the front rest. The front rest then slides out to provide clearance for the clamps, the Motor Drive indexes the Clamp Carrier to the next section of clamps, and the front rest returns. The Tightener/ Flattener carriage then traverses to the left, stopping and loosening clamps that it finds along the way, and comes to a stop at the left end of the front rest


Gluing Questionnaire

To provide the proper machine specifications, we need to know some information about your products. Please answer the following questions.

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