Automated Clamp Carrier
Model: #80Z

Produces up to 3500 ft2 / Shift

High Production Wood Clamping system; The Taylor Automated is the Industry’s Standard in Room Temperature Edge Gluing. Designed to have a pneumatic or Hydraulic system, this versatile carrier can handle many of the long, wide, and thick laminations that are need in the industry.

Full description
  • Automated Operation
  • Industry Standard for High Production
  • “Smart Clamp” Software
  • Older Machines can be Up-Graded
  • Available in Pneumatic and Hydraulic

The Automated Clamp Carrier woodworking clamps system is the industry standard for high production edge gluing. Sizes range from 20 to 80 sections with widths up to 16-1/2′ (5 M) wide. The Automated machine doubles operator productivity with its automatic cycle which tightens the clamps on new stock, rotates the machine, and loosens the clamps on panels to be removed. This allows the operator to spend 100% of their time preparing and loading stock. It also reduces operator effort and paces the overall production. As with all Taylor Clamp Carriers, smaller machines can be expanded as production requirements grow.


Production is based on cycle time and panel size. Assuming that each section is curing 3 panels whose dimensions are 24″ x 24″ (60cm x 60cm) and assuming a cycle time of 90 seconds, production per shift equals:

One Panel:
=4 ft2 (.36M2)

One Section:
=12 ft2 (1.1M2)

One Cycle:
=90 seconds
=40 cycles/hour
=320 cycles/shift

Production output:
=12 ft2 x 320 cycles or 3840 ft2/shift
=1.1 M2 x 320 cycles or 352 M2/shift

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