Used Machinery

For over 100 years, Taylor has been manufacturing edge gluing machines and accessories with a focus on durability and longevity. A majority of our original machines are still in service, which reflects the Taylor commitment to reliability. Machines that have been running for years continue to perform. When you buy a Taylor Used Machine, you're buying a machine that was built to last.

Obtaining Machine History

If you have the serial number of a Taylor machine, we can provide you with valuable information regarding it, including:

  • Date of Manufacture
  • Original Owner
  • Subsequent Owners
  • Machine Upgrades that were performed since the initial purchase

Refurbished Flooring Nester

Refurbished #513A-12S-8.5L-6W-440-L-M3 Cameron Flooring Nester Includes: 12 Scoops with the Capacity to Process Flooring strips up to 5″ Wide, 3/4″ Thick, & 8.5 Ft. Long Creates 8.5′ Long Nested Bundles Creates Bundles up to 10″ High and 12″ Wide Measuring Hardware and Software Lifter System and Bundling System Contact us for a quote and layout […]