Laser Opti-Sizer

The Taylor Laser Opti-Sizer is a computerized panel selection machine which is attached to a Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator system.

  • Computer Tallies Panels, Boards, & Board Feet
  • Fast, Reliable, and Accurate
  • Consistently Sizes Panels to Within 1/8″
  • Automatically Feeds Sized Panels onto the Glue Applicator

Automate your Panel Layup Process with The Opti-Sizer and save both material and labor!!

Full description

The Taylor Laser Opti-Sizer is a computerized panel selection machine which is used with a Conveyorized Glue Applicator system. The Opti-Sizer saves both material and labor when compared with either sizing panels by hand or at the straight line rip saw.

The Opti-Sizer automatically selects random width (3/4″ to 6″) parallel ripped boards to produce panels of a specified width, thus eliminating manual board selection. The Opti-Sizer will consistently size panels within 1/8″ at a rate of up to 7 panels per minute.

With our latest redesign in 2009, a Laser sensor is used to read the height of random width boards on edge in the slots on the Opti-Sizer. These values are fed into a computer. Based on the desired panel width, the computer rapidly calculates and evaluates the thousands of combinations of board selection. When the solution is found it advances those boards selected onto the Conveyorized Glue Applicator. After a batch of boards has been sent onto the Conveyorized Glue Applicator, if a usable combination of measured boards is still left in the Opti-Sizer, another panel will be sent out before scanning again.

MaterialMachine Size
For 4/4 – 5/413 Slot & 21 Slot
For 4/4 – 6/411 Slot & 18 Slot
For 4/4 – 8/415 Slot
  • Fast Sizing Operation
  • Tallies Panels, Boards, & Board Feet
  • Reliable Accuracy
  • Delivers Boards to the Glue Applicator
  • Available in Various Sizes: 11 to 21 Slots, 6′ to 9′ Lengths
  • Upgrade available for older models