#312A 6″ Roller Spreader

Table Top, 6″ Wide Roller Applicator for the Small Custom Shop


  • Aluminum “Doctor Roll” for a Precise and Adjustable Glue Spread
  • Small Table Top Unit
  • 110V Electric Motor
  • Aluminum Container
  • Overnight Glue Storage
  • Long or Short Stock

Precise and adjustable glue spread: The Taylor Roller Spreader is equipped with a fully adjustable live doctor roll. The doctor roll spins in the opposite direction (from the glue roll) which provides a controllable even spread.

Attaining the proper glue spread thickness is very important. Too much or too little glue spread will weaken glue joints. Also, too much glue wastes money, slows production and creates more “clean up time” for both the applicator and the Clamp Carrier.