Refurbished Taylor 16.5 Ft. Wide (30) Section Swing Style Carrier
Model: #810A-16.5W-30S-40C-M1

Price: $79,800.00 (15 Rows of NEW Clamps) Price: $108,600.00 (30 Rows of NEW Clamps) Original Manufacturer: 6 Month Warranty Included Overview A Taylor Clamp Carrier offers you incredible flexibility. It can glue a wide variety of products, from a small drawer front panel to a 52″ x 16′ table. When optional rocker plates are attached to the […]

Refurbished #37A- Quick Chop

20 Ft. Capacity Cameron Quick Chop. Built in 2018, the Machine is in perfect working order. Specifications are as follows: #37A-20L-R-220-IP-EP-WS-M6 Quick Chop Optimization System Includes: Frame,Computer,Luminescence Sensor, Servo Motor, Pneumatic Controlled Up-Cut Saw with 7-1/2HP Saw Motor, 14 Blade w/1 arbor Shaft, & all mounting equipment. Machine to handle material up to 8 wide […]

Refurbished Cameron Opti-Match

Manufactured in 2002 A Challengers Award winner at the IWF Show, the Opti-Match completely automated the Panel sizing and color matching job. Producing the equivalent amount of panels as (3) manual color matchers and sizers, it will not only speed up the process, but the panels that you laminate will be more accurately sized and […]

Refurbished Taylor Opti-Sizer

Refurbished 18 Slot Taylor Opti-Sizer and 39″ Wide Conveyorized Glue Applicator with a 10 ft. Outfeed. **** Price: $35,750.00 + Freight for the above package The Taylor Laser Opti-Sizer is a computerized panel selection machine which is attached to a Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator system.