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We have been designing and building woodworking machines in the Hudson Valley (New York) for over 100 years. If you have ever owned a Taylor machine, you already know us by our long-lasting machinery designs and our incredible dedication to customer service. If you haven't owned a Taylor machine, now is the time to experience the Taylor difference.

We're here to help! Chat with a Taylor team member to find the right machine for your job.

Taylor Products

The James L. Taylor Manufacturing Company provides new ideas for edge gluing and lumber optimization technology in a wide range of applications and markets.

The machines below are engineered, manufactured, and serviced from our 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Poughkeepsie, NY by a dedicated team of smart and skilled professionals.

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JLT Clamps Products

JLT Clamps is the world leader in door and panel clamping machinery for small and large custom woodworking shop.

Whether you are a cabinet maker, carpenter, or run engineered millwork, JLT can provide the stock or custom clamp system to make your job easier, improve your quality, and increase your productivity while cutting costs.

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Cameron Automation Products

Cameron Automation, a division of Taylor Mfg, builds machinery for automating and improving common rough mill processes. Developed in January 2002, the focus of the Cameron Line is:

  • Development of High Tech Machinery
  • Efficient and Productive Mechanical Designs
  • Sophisticated and Powerful Software
  • Increased Raw Material Utilization
  • Industry Leading Customer Service by a Highly Trained Technicians

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Trade Program & Used Machinery

When you buy a Taylor Used Machine, you're buying a machine that was built to last. Taylor's team can help you locate and refurbish the machine you need.

Used Machinery

Testimonials/Fun Facts

Sonbyrd Industries (John Shoemaker)

“Recently we had some issues with our Cameron rip saw and we needed to call for tech support.  I wanted to inform you of the excellent service I received on multiple occasions.  Jacob and Andy Miller were both able to walk me through my difficult times and were extremely professional. They were able to easily… Read more “Sonbyrd Industries (John Shoemaker)”

Lewis Cabinet (Matt Garrett – COO)

“Taylor’s attention to detail and willingness to customize a machine for our needs has been a game changer for us at Lewis Cabinet Specialties. When we came to them the issues we were facing with our existing clamp from a different manufacturer, they were attentive to our needs, and willing to take on the challenge,… Read more “Lewis Cabinet (Matt Garrett – COO)”

Seventeen20 (Jonathan Bucklew – Owner)

“After talking with one of the representatives, I was confident this setup would best suit the size and needs of my shop: the 12’ JLT panel clamp (#79F-12-PC), 13 – 52” clamps, 26 – 40” clamps and the pneumatic panel flattener (#180A-M2). Furthermore, at the advice of my sales rep, we add the impact socket… Read more “Seventeen20 (Jonathan Bucklew – Owner)”

A Joint Effort (Josh Aguiar – Owner)

“I love my 6′ clamp rack. It’s a game changer in my shop. Gone are the days of laying out pipe clamps and clogging up my shop with curing glueups. Not to mention the time I’m saving on glueups. My only regrets are I didn’t buy this sooner and I didn’t get enough clamps. But… Read more “A Joint Effort (Josh Aguiar – Owner)”

Al’s Woodcraft, Inc. (Jeff Hunt – President)

“We have been using several JLT Door and Panel Clamps on a daily basis since 2002. They have performed well for us and no issues have arisen with them. Thank you JLT for your quality… Read more “Al’s Woodcraft, Inc. (Jeff Hunt – President)”

Recent News

In early November, we had our open house showing off the latest and greatest machinery that we have to offer! If you did miss it, feel free to check out the pictures below from all three of our product lines! We pride ourselves on offering our customers hands-on experience with our machinery, as well as letting them meet[…]

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