Refurbished Taylor 16.5 Ft. Wide (30) Section Swing Style Carrier
Model: #810A-16.5W-30S-40C-M1

Price: $79,800.00 (15 Rows of NEW Clamps)

Price: $108,600.00 (30 Rows of NEW Clamps)

Original Manufacturer: 6 Month Warranty Included


A Taylor Clamp Carrier offers you incredible flexibility. It can glue a wide variety of products, from a small
drawer front panel to a 52″ x 16′ table. When optional rocker plates are attached to the jaws of the clamps,
newel posts can be glued or skins can be laminated onto door stiles. Each clamp is capable of delivering 3000
pounds of clamping force, which is five times more than a typical bar clamp can produce. The tightener wrench
is regulated so that just enough force can be applied to each product.

The “Easy Roller” clamps and quick adjust rear jaws mean that product changeover is not a problem. You can
glue 100 of the same product, or 100 different products without sacrificing productivity. This makes the
machine perfect for “just in time” manufacturing or quick custom jobs.

A Taylor Clamp Carrier makes it Simple to be a Gluing Expert. All Taylor gluing machines allow glue to cure at
room temperature. The most commonly used glue is PVA. Room temperature gluing is the simplest and most
forgiving method available. It allows for higher variances in moisture content and joint preparation than other
gluing methods.

Taylor clamps are designed and robot welded with a precise tow-in and each clamp “floats” so that it conforms
to the shape of the product being glued. Gluing with a Taylor machine results in near zero rejects, regardless of
wood species, material thickness, or number of glue joints.

2-1/2″ High Jaw Clamp

Clamps come with a standard 2 1/2″ high jaw for increased durability and less clamps per gluing operation.

**** NEW CLAMPS Included with machine ****

#80S- Heavy Duty Drive for Rotation
HD Hydraulic Motor Drive

The Hydraulic Motor Drive rotates the Clamp Carrier from section to section. The
Hydraulic Motor with a Worm Gear Reducer insures controlled indexing even
when rotating an unbalanced load.

Hydraulic Semi Automatic Clamp Tightener

The Taylor Semi-Automatic Tightener with a White Hydraulic motor is Joystick
controlled. Position the unit to the clamp and push forward to tighten the clamp
or pull rearward to loosen the clamp. The Clamp Tightener provides a rapid and
uniform clamping force up to 3000 lbs. on each clamp.

Pneumatic Panel Flattener

The overhead panel flattener helps keep material flat as you tighten the clamps.
The flattener shoe will apply downward pressure on the staves, and the clamps
are applying pressure, to help keep the material as flat as possible. The flattener
slides along on bearings on the upper beam as you move from clamp to clamp.