Refurbished Rip One Scanning Rip System

Made in 2016

Take advantage of sophisticated technology and software to scan your lumber and make more intelligent decisions than your standard Optimizing Rip System. The Cameron Rip One uses High Def cameras to scan both the top and the bottom of the board, logging placement or wane, cracks, knots and many more defects to make the best overall decision for the board. Some key features:

  • Can Be Paired with a New Cameron (2) Moving Blade Saw as well as other 12″ wide arbor moving blade saw from other Manufacturers
  • Small Footprint
  • U Shaped layout to make it a (1) man or (2) man work cell
  • Sophisticated Software to Upgrade your lumber and place defects into correct rips
  • High level tracking capabilities for both Incoming Lumber and produced material
  • Find out more about the Rip One here:

Price ExWorks Poughkeepsie, NY (Infeed Only)                     $79,000.00

**** (6) Month Warranty on all Parts Included in the Above Price