Refurbished Cameron Opti-Match

Manufactured in 2002

A Challengers Award winner at the IWF Show, the Opti-Match completely automated the Panel sizing and color matching job. Producing the equivalent amount of panels as (3) manual color matchers and sizers, it will not only speed up the process, but the panels that you laminate will be more accurately sized and color matched better.

The Opti-Match Will:

  • Accurately measure board width and color from parallel ripped defected stock.
  • Scan an area 5″ in from the end of each board as it traverses across grain.
  • Choose from 22 boards at a time to find boards that are close in color to make a specified size panel.
  • Assemble the chosen boards in the proper order to blend the boards in each panel.
  • Automatically stack the assembled panels on a scissors lift, ready for gluing.
  • Keep accurate tallies of panels and board pieces.
  • Allow entering of multiple panel widths.
  • Smart stack multiple panel widths.
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Price ExWorks Poughkeepsie, NY                              $53,500.00

**** (6) Month Warranty on all Parts Included in the Above Price