Refurbished #37A- Quick Chop

20 Ft. Capacity Cameron Quick Chop.

Built in 2018, the Machine is in perfect working order. Specifications are as follows:

#37A-20L-R-220-IP-EP-WS-M6 Quick Chop Optimization System
Includes: Frame,Computer,Luminescence Sensor,
Servo Motor, Pneumatic Controlled Up-Cut Saw
with 7-1/2HP Saw Motor, 14 Blade w/1 arbor
Shaft, & all mounting equipment. Machine to
handle material up to 8 wide & 20 Long.
Accuracy within .0625 on parts. Machine set
for 220 volts (3 Phase)

**** Right to Left Orientation ****

Price for this Refurbished Unit is $56,450.00 f.o.b. Poughkeepsie, NY