Laser Opti-Sizer Upgrade
Model: #33N

The Taylor Opti-Sizer was introduced at the 1988 IWF Show in Atlanta and subsequently won the Challengers Award for New Technology. In 1994, new developments in ultrasonics and computers lead us to a major redesign. Due to the new technology, and the improved accuracy of the machine, many customers have purchased and installed the upgrade through the years.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the Opti-Sizer. In May 2009, a new control system and, now Laser, sensor system was developed. The Laser Opti-Sizer took an already effective machine, and made it more accurate and productive.

Utilizing the same rugged mechanical design that lasts decades, the Laser Opti-Sizer Upgrade can be fit onto any previously manufactured Opti-Sizer frame.

History of the Opti-Sizer

#33A-#33B introduced in 1988
The measuring bridge is equipped with two sensors, one pointed up, and the other pointed down.

#33J-#33L introduced in 1989
The measuring sensor is connected to a blue box on the side of the measuring bridge. The individual slots are separated by rectangular metal flags.

#33M introduced in 1994
The measuring sensor is wired directly into the control box on the side of the Opti-Sizer (no blue box). The individual slots are separated by rectangular metal flags.

#33N introduced in 2009
The measuring sensor changes from ultra-sonic technology to Laser Sensing technology. An option is added for either a touch screen interface or a full Apple Computer Control. These changes allow speed, accuracy and reliability improvements over the older design.

Upgrade Kit Includes
  • A new control box
  • PC Laptop Computer Control.
  • New self calibrating software
  • New laser sensor and bracketing
  • Faster operation – (25-125% faster)
  • Greater accuracy
  • Improved reliability
  • Less down time