#718A-8-M – 8′ Miter Buddy System

Includes (2) of our Most Popular Clamping Systems for the Custom Cabinetmaker!!

Produce up to 100+ Miter Cabinet Doors and up to 50 Panels per day

#717A-M Miter Door Clamp

  • 26″ x 62″ Capacity Miter Door Clamp
  • Featuring JLT’s Innovative Dial Control System for Precise Miter Joint Squaring
  • Precise Squaring of Stile and Rail Cabinet Doors too!!

8′ Wide Panel Clamp with (18) Taylor Clamps

  • (5) total gluing levels
  • Edge Glue and Face Glue a variety of solid wood components
  • 100% steel tubular construction that Creates a Flat and Even Work Area for Clamping Panels


Machine Footprint: 97″L x 70″H x 64″W

Door Clamp Side

New Features:

  • Intuitive Pin System allows even Quicker and Easier setup than ever before.
  • Cylinders Located in the back of the machine to Provide Operator with Additional Working Space.
  • Redesigned Jaws with Thumb Plate for Increased Efficiency.
  • Thicker Push Bars Decrease Daily Wear and Tear.


  • 26″ x 62″ Maximum capacity.
  • Minimum 9″ Clamping Capacity.
  • Precise and Accurate Squaring of both Miter and Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors.
  • Includes (2) Vertical Clamps & (2) Horizontal Clamps.
  • Includes (4) Dial Regulators for Pressure Adjustment on Each Clamp.
  • Easy to use, Single Lever Operation.
  • Fast Changeovers
  • 15 Degree Working Angle
Panel Clamp Side


  • 8′ Panel Clamp including (18) 32″ or 40″ Taylor Clamps
  • Designed for the Custom Shop with Limited Space
  • Free Standing Clamping System with a Sturdy Design
  • 100% steel tubular construction that Creates a Flat and Even Work Area for Clamping Panels
  • (5) total gluing levels
  • 70 degree Convenient Working Position
  • Innovative, Space Saving Feature that allows the Clamps to be hung Vertically when not in use
  • Ships setup for a Quick and Easy Installation
  • A Versatile Clamping System for Edge Gluing a Variety of Woodworking Components
  • Accessories: #302-40-H-R Clamps, 138B, 150B Glue Spreaders, 180A, 79-16 Hold Downs, 80-1706 Rocker Plates
  • Complete 3 Year Warranty