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#910A- Taylor Return Conveyor for Edge Banders

Taylor Return Conveyors for Edgebanders are a solid investment for your shop. Operate your edgebander with only one operator and free up the second operator to complete other jobs.

The edge bander model comes in multiple widths and lengths. The outfeed return can be customized to return components to any location near the edge bander infeed


#912A- Taylor Return Conveyor for a Straight Line Rip Saw

Return Conveyors on straight line rip saw have a fast payback. Most boards need 2+ passes through the saw, so productivity is increased by 100% or more. Usually the catch width is sized so boards can be ripped on both sides of the blade.

The Straight Line Saw model comes in multiple widths and lengths. The catch of the machine and return extension can be manufactured to fit around the bed of the saw and return the parts back to the infeed side.


#913A- Taylor Return Conveyor for Wide Belt Sanders

The Taylor Return Conveyor for use with a wide belt sander has several special features. If necessary it can be equipped with An extra transfer section to create clearance for the width of the sander, Casters on all legs allow it to be rolled away from the side of the machine for belt changes or sander maintenance, and Powered height adjustment for movable bed sanders.

Customize a Return Conveyor to fit your Sander. Models for both Fixed Bed and Movable Bed Sanders from any Manufacturer


#30J- Conveyorized Glue Applicator

The Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator is designed for use with PVA type adhesives. It is equipped with a stainless steel glue pan, doctor roll, and outfeed cross bars. The glue roll is felt covered to provide even glue spread and is quickly removed for easy cleaning.


#911A- Taylor Return System for Shaper Sander

Return Conveyors on a Shaper Sander have a fast payback. Most doors or panels need at least 2 passes, if not 4, through the machine to be fully machined. This normally would require (2) Operators, one to feed, and one to catch. With a Taylor Return, productivity is increased by 100% or more because it makes a (2) operator job into a (1) operator job.

The Shaper Sander model comes in multiple widths and lengths. The return can be made to match the length of your machine, and special slanted outfeeds have been designed to miss squaring bars and such on Shape & Sands.