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16' Skew / MRS 340 M2 Rip System

Cameron Skew Rip System

16' Skew / MRS 340 M2 Rip System

Typical Skew Users:

  • Custom Moulding & Millwork.
  • Mid-Size Custom Cabinet Shop
  • Wholesale Lumber Distributor.


  • We call it The Skew because the fence will skew to the left or to the right to increase the yield on boards that do not have a straight edge.
  • Our programmers write our software in-house allowing changes and free upgrades.
  • Floor space is 62" x 459" (including 16' behind the saw for ripped material), the smallest in the industry.
  • All incoming and outgoing pieces are tallied to help you control inventory and reduce material cost.

16' Skew / MRS 340 M2 Rip System

  • 5-7 Boards per minute
  • 3' - 16' Length
  • 2.5" Maximum Thickness
  • 15" Maximum Width
  • 7,000 Board Feet per shift
  • 2 Moving Blades
  • Multiple Fixed Blades
  • Auto Feed
  • Auto Skew
  • Variable speed up to 130 feet per minute
  • Three (3) sets of anti-kickback fingers
  • Four (4) individual pressure rolls
  • Steel dip chain construction with urethane inserts
  • Powered out-feed roller
  • Digital controlled lubricator for feed chain.
  • Saw blade positioning is by servo motor
  • Accommodates 12" & 14" diameter saw blades
  • Powered by 50 hp or 60 hp motor
  • Glide lock spindle technology
  • Amp meter for monitoring arbor motor running amperage
  • Easily accessed v-belt driving saw arbor for reduced vibration and higher tolerances
  • Easy access to spindle and blades for maintenance and tooling changes
Board Being Fed into Saw
Board Against Fence
Board Fed by Pinch Rollers
Inside Saw Hood
Glide Lock Spindle