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Cameron Rip Systems

Cameron Skew Rip System

Skew Rip System with 2 Moving Blade Saw

Cameron Automation has pushed the envelope once again to simplify sophisticated equipment and bring it to the small shop to increase yield and save labor.
This System Features:

  • Full Optimizing Infeed
  • (2) Moving Blade and Multiple Fixed Blades
  • Auto-Skew to Increase Board Yield
  • Fully Integrated Software Package
  • Automatic Movable Blade Positioning by the Cameron Software

The Skew is our answer for Rip Optimization in a custom shop. It will quickly transform any small hand-fed gang saw into a full and complete rip optimization system. Cameron has further refined their rip software to make it easy and affordable for the small shop.

Cameron Quick Rip System

Quick-Rip System

The Quick Rip System offers the highest yield in the market because it is fenceless and the MRS Series of Saws have moving blade technology. Non straight boards are handled just as effectively as straight boards and the net result is lower raw material costs.

  • Cameron Quick Rip Infeed with Fenceless, Servo-Driven Board Positioner with Extremely High Accuracy
  • Multiple Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade Setups
  • Completely Integrated Software Package
  • Automatic Movable Blade Positioning by the Cameron Software
  • Highest Board Yield on the Market!!!

Our simple and compact design installs in (1) day. Start your payback now on a system that sells for thousands less than the competition.

Cameron Automation Rip-One

The Rip-One

The Cameron Automation Rip-One is a complete lumber scanning, optimization, and gang ripping work cell designed for smaller shops. It increases productivity dramatically by transforming gang ripping into a single person operation. This is achieved by incorporating an inexpensive but extremely powerful high resolution 3D scanning system.