Entry Door Clamping

Machines for Clamping Entry Doors.

  • Large Capacity, Heavy Duty Door Clamps for Man Sized Doors
  • Clamps Feature Heavy Duty Large Diaphragm Cylinders
  • Single Lever Valve Operation that is Simple to Use
  • 100% Steel Construction
  • Custom Sizes Available upon Request
Entry Door Clamp

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Entry Door Clamp - #79K-10

48" x 120" Capacity for Solid Wood Entry Doors

Special Heavy Duty Pneumatic Entry Door Clamp

Special Heavy Duty Entry Door Clamp #79K-10-SP

Specialized Design for Large Metal Frames and Windows

Pod Press

Mini Pod Press

The Mini Pod Press is a low cost high pressure cold press laminating machine. It features individually controlled top platens and a bottom platen adjustable at 1 1/2" increments to a maximum opening of 40". The work area is 12" wide and machines are currently offered in lengths of 3-1/2', 7' or 10-1/2'.