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Large Capacity Double Door Clamp - #79K-8-DDC

Double Door Clamp

38" x 97" Capacity Pneumatic Double Door Camp


  • Large Capacity and Versatile for a Wide Variety of Stile and Rail Cabinet Door Sizes.
  • 38" x 97" Overall Capacity
  • Includes (4) Vertical Clamps and (2) Horizontal Clamps
  • Single Lever Valve Air Activation
  • Clamp & Square Multiple Cabinet Doors with Vertical Center Rail - (2) 38" x 46" Doors Side by Side Double Door Clamping.
  • 100% Heavy Duty Steel Construction.
  • Convenient 60 Degree Vertical Working Angle.

PRODUCE up to 225+ Stile and Rail Cabinet Doors per day

79K-8-DDC with Operator
79K-8-DDC Left Side
79K-8-DDC Removable Squaring Arm
79K-8-DDC Movable Squaring Arm