About Us

James L. Taylor established the James L. Taylor Manufacturing Company in 1911 to produce his patented quick-adjusting, self-locking bar clamp. This patented clamp was a significant step forward in the edge gluing of lumber.

In the 1920's, the Taylor revolving Clamp Carrier was developed and patented. It was a major first step toward mass production.

In 1940 Taylor engineers developed the Panel Flo, a continuous feed edge gluing machine. From the very beginning, the Panel Flo was acclaimed as the answer to mass production gluing. In 1950 Taylor introduced the Panel Mint, a batch type semiautomatic edge gluer which filled the gap between the Clamp Carrier and the fully automated Panel Flo. During the 1950's and 1960's, Taylor designed new cost cutting accessories to compliment the Panel Flo and Panel Mint. These included the Conveyorized Glue Applicator, Mix-Mizer and Automatic Cut Off Saw. Also in the 1960's, Taylor revived the Clamp Carrier design by introducing the pneumatic Clamp Tightener and Panel Flattener.

During the 1970's, the Taylor Panel-Mint was the machine of choice. This well designed Steam-Heated Batch Press matched with low cost urea resin glue was used by many furniture manufacturers to produce hardwood and softwood panels. Midway through the 1980's, Taylor designed and produced the first Automated Clamp Carrier. This changed the direction of the Clamp Carrier line and made it the industry standard for edge gluing machines.
Our history of innovation is best illustrated by our list of Challengers Award Winners and Finalists:

1986 - Automated Clamp Carrier – Winner
1988 - Opti-Sizer – Winner
1992 - Dual Automated Clamp Carrier – Finalist
1994 - Automated Glue Applicator – Finalist
1996 - Side Loading Clamp Carrier – Finalist
2002 - Opti-Match – Winner
2012 - Flooring Nester – Winner

Today, Taylor produces a full range of edge gluing machines and accessories in our 45,000 square foot factory in Poughkeepsie, NY. We have been at this facility since 1911. However we continue to update our manufacturing with CNC machining and welding technology. Our balanced team of seasoned professionals and young engineers will continue to develop new technology to increase efficiency, reliability, and product quality.