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8 Section Miter Door Pro - #713A-8-M

High Production 8 Section Miter Door Pro System


  • High Production 8 Section Miter Door Pro for the large custom shop.
  • Clamp & square up to 400+ miters doors a day.
  • Dial in Desired Clamping Pressure to Precisely and Accurately Square any Type of Miter Door
  • Each Clamp can Dial Pressure IN or OUT to Make Fine Adjustments in Each and Every Corner
  • Heavy Duty Diaphragm Cylinders Provide up to 1500 lbs of Clamping per Clamp
  • Door Pro Frame is made of 100% Steel Construction
  • Electric Gear Motor Provides Counter Clockwise Rotation for Operator Safety
  • Single Button Control Box Activates Rotation and Includes Auto Index Feature
  • Precisely Square and Clamp Stile & Rail Doors
  • Heavy Duty steel construction for long lasting durability.
  • Includes a Complete (3) Year Warranty

Produce up to 400+ Miter Cabinet Doors a Day

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